Dont be afraid to challenge fellow Irish Unity advocates

Dont be afraid to challenge fellow Irish Unity advocates

There has been an upsurge in talk over the last week around the prospect of inviting and welcoming more political parties & organisations to the Irish Unity debate and campaign.

With the SDLP potentially throwing their hat into the ring, followed by calls from some quarters for the likes of the Alliance Party to follow suit.

As an Irish Unity activist, this of course has to be welcomed. We cannot deny anyone that wants to make a contribution to the campaign whether that it is positive or negative.

At the end of the day, we all share this island and in turn we will all share our future.

But I for one would express caution in allowing those who do not have the best interests of the majority; the working class, to go unopposed in this campaign.

There are certainly some elements who will adapt a Trojan Horse approach in order to change the direction to unequally serve the interests of the few. Whether that is the economic elite or democratic minority and to also serve their own selfish electoral ambitions.

No, we cannot stop people or groups joining the campaign, but that does not mean we cannot challenge or oppose them either, nor should we create an atmosphere where political criticisms are frowned upon and discouraged in fear of upsetting the pack.

A United Ireland in itself cannot be the complete objective, our objective must be one of an Ireland of true democracy, economic fairness, social equality, political accountability and environmental sustainability.

For me, if any of these principles or objectives are compromised, then the Irish Unity project cannot be seen as a success and I will happily stick to my principles against both enemies and friends of Irish Unification to ensure these objectives; the objectives of a prosperous future for the Irish Working Class are met.

Joe Matthews, YesForUnity

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