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‘Yes For Unity’ ​is the left wing campaign for an Irish Unity referendum, placing the goal of a ‘Socialist Republic’ at the heart of the growing potential that exists for Irish unification in a referendum process.

Established by active republicans, socialists & other progressives, YFU are determined that working class interests will be at the forefront of whatever Ireland emerges from such a poll.

​We seek to take the goal of Irish unity from the hands of the political elite and place it into the hands of the masses, turning a mere aspiration into a living demand.    Join us!

Yes For Unity’ enjoy the support of a range of Left-Republican organisations and individuals; campaigning together in the image of Seamus Costello’s ‘broad front’ approach to the national question.

​Recognising the growth of the progressive minded population of the North, and learning from our visits to Scotland, Euskadi, Catalunya and Britanny, YFU believe that the formation of a broad front style street based movement (as exists in those nations) may with a push help to shove a vote for Irish Unity over the line here, if not in this decade then certainly in the next.

Adopting International modes of campaigning

YFU regularly travel to, and assist with similar national independence referendum campaigns in Scotland, Brittany, Catalunya and elsewhere. We have learned from the real potential that exists within powerful street based mobilisations in those nations and openly seek to replicate their successes here. With closer links being built between YFU and sister organisations accross the Celtic world and Europe, the potential for a future Socialist alternativc to the capitalist EU becomes a real possibility.

'Door to door canvassing'

We regularly petition working class areas in order raise awareness of the fact that Irish unity is fast becoming achievable, as well as to canvass the wide range of ideas, hopes and concerns that ordinary people have around the prospect of a united Ireland. Our doorstep canvassing initiatives ensure that YFU have their finger on the pulse of working class opinion on the issue.

Public meetings

YFU build via a strategy of local public meetings & national networking. A prelude to eventual street mobilisations which will bring the issue of Irish unity into the homes and minds of the grass roots working class.


Adopting international modes of campaigning

Upcoming Events

​’Yes For Unity’ hold regular talks and debates in relation to the issues and concerns around a potential Irish Unity referendum. All are welcome to attend.


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About 'Yes For Unity'

Yes For Unity were founded in Newry on 6th May 2017 by Irish Republican Socialists who saw the urgent need to inject a radical left wing voice into what was a clearly growing and developing public consensus around achieving a United Ireland via the referendum (or border poll) process.