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Yes For Unity were founded in Newry on 6th May 2017 by Irish Republican Socialists who saw the urgent need to inject a radical left wing voice into what was a clearly growing and developing public consensus around achieving a United Ireland via the referendum (or border poll) process.

Those in attendance sought (and went on) to create a broad based movement which would provide space for the Left to campaign in such a referendum; putting the goal of a ’32 county socialist republic’ at the forefront of their agenda, an alternative to mainstream ‘Civic Nationalist’ style initiatives that have so far claimed the headlines in terms of proposing a ‘border poll’.

While welcoming the energy that Brexit has brought to the prospect of a United Ireland, as Socialists YFU do not approach the prospect of a referendum from a position that is sentimental about, or supportive of the European Union.

We welcome contribution from those who oppose Ireland’s membership of the EU, as a body incompatible with the values of both traditional Irish Republicanism & Socialism.

As radicals, we openly approach the prospect of a ‘border poll’ from an opportunistic perspective, reserving the right to embrace it, if and when it serves the goals of Irish Unity while also rejecting the Good Friday Agreement’s so called ‘principle of consent’ . Britain’s sectarian state in Ireland was created by undemocratic coercion and force and we owe it neither consistency or courtesy.

This principle follows the doctrine of ‘guerrilla politics’ as espoused by Seamus Costello, and is a central and vital caveat in our campaign.

YES For Unity

Mobilising the Left for an Irish Unity referendum




From the outset ‘Yes For Unity’ have worked alongside sister organisations in Brittany, Scotland, Catalunya and elsewhere, helping us bring lessons from their struggles back to Ireland and build lasting political networks for future political cooperation.


Public meeting tours

Public meeting tours

Yes For Unity have successfully launched, and plan to continue, local based public meetings to spread our ideas and aspirations, with the open goal of leaving behind a national network of activists and supporters who share our goal of mobilising their communities for a united Ireland via an achievable referendum.

By doing so we ensure that the process of creating a United Ireland is not monopolised by mainstream political parties and others who do not hold the interests of the Irish working class at heart.


YFU Doorstep petitions

YFU Doorstep petitions

We regularly petition working class areas in order raise awareness of the fact that Irish unity is fast becoming achievable, as well as to canvass the wide range of ideas, hopes and concerns that ordinary people have around the prospect of a united Ireland.

Our doorstep canvassing initiatives ensure that YFU have their finger on the pulse of working class opinion on the issue.