Leo’s United Ireland cannot be our future

Leo’s United Ireland cannot be our future

Last week, the Irish Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar made unusual comments stating his support and long term aspiration of seeing a United Ireland in his lifetime.

 While to us, the Irish Unity community, such statements can only be welcomed as it gives our political & democratic demands long term substance by putting the Irish Unity campaign into the national & international media spotlight, it must be stated that Leo’s version of a United Ireland is not the version we must seek to support nor envisage.

His comments come only a week after the sad image of a child (presumably homeless) appeared on social media, eating his dinner off a piece of cardboard in the centre of Dublin. The Ireland of Leo and his band of Irish Tories is an Ireland of crisis; from housing to health, an Ireland that only facilities the few.


The young homeless child in the streets of the Irish capital

Irish Republicans and the entire Irish left must seek to ensure that this version of a United Ireland is not the only voice heard, we need to ensure that our vision for a United Ireland is the vision of Economic/Social Justice, Political accountability & Environmental sustainability, an Ireland that facilities the needs of the working class.

We welcome the debate and the growing momentum for Irish Unity, but we can’t and wont allow the future shape of a 32 county Republic be entirely dictated by the Irish Capitalist elite.


Joe Matthews

YesForUnity Vice-National organiser.

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