Stormont Cannot Exist Post Unity

Stormont Cannot Exist Post Unity

At Saturday’s Civic Nationalist event at the 3Arena, the forces of the southern political elite abruptly showed their hand by giving assurances that Stormont will exist as a political, social & economic entity post partition. The comments came from Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar and Fianna Fáil’s Jim O’Callaghan.

These sorts of aspirations and promises are encouraged by civic nationalism, a movement that wants as little as possible to change between the eras of pre and post partition.

There is a major fault and indeed, a Free State seperation from reality when it comes to the political mindset of Nationalists and Republicans in the North, and judging by their current polling, they are separated from reality full stop.

The Irish Unity vote, the vote to end the partition of Ireland is for many, a vote against Stormont. For many nationists and Republicans in the North, Stormont represents sectarianism, it represents hate, it represents oppression, it represents persecution and it represents failure!

Stormont has no place, indeed it has no right to exist in a post partition Ireland except in the History books, where we will teach our children how a foreign superpower through a threat of violence, ignored democracy, divided our country and set up a local government based on sectarian supremacy who’s  job it was to smash those who rebel.

The Northern state to exist in any entity is wrong, and perhaps those leaders of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil reflect on this as they read out the Proclamation every Easter that grants us the right to an Irish Republic free from division fostered by a foreign government.

Irish Republicans need to step out from the “shared Ireland” concept and draw the line at this watered version of Partition. We have not came this far, suffered and sacraficed this much to allow a new form of undemocratic partition of this nation.

The Irish Republic declared in 1916 and democratically ratified in 1918 promises a shared Ireland. It promises the right to civil liberties and religious freedoms. That Republic though, does not allow political borders no matter how feint to be drawn on the island of Ireland.

The bottom line is; The 32 County Irish Republic or nothing.

Sinéad Costello – Yes For Unity

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