Unquiet Graves; Why Irish Unity Cannot be Watered Down

Unquiet Graves; Why Irish Unity Cannot be Watered Down


First of all, I don’t want to be coming across as using the pain and suffering of victims for the purpose of political point scoring, secondly I would like to commend the families, victims and Sean Murray on his documentary Unquiet Graves that has exposed the British state sponsored murder and coverups to so many despite facing many challenges.

The documentary has in itself opened the eyes of thousands, exposing the cloudy untruthful narrative given to them by the state for decades.

The objective of Irish Republicans is to create an Ireland free of foreign interference, to build an Ireland that works for all our people; socially, economically, politically and environmentally.

Irish Unity is coming, and worryingly the enemy which is the British and Irish establishment have already began making long term investments to ensure their controlling status is secured in any post unity set up.

Drew Harris, a man who was heavily involved in both operating and directing British Intelligence in Ireland, recently appointed to the top job in the Gardaí is a prime example. He was personally and is still involved in covering up the state sponsored murders by the Glenanne Gang.

MI5 have also made other key investments in the North, most notably their £20 million headquarters in Palace Barracks built in 2007.

There is a lot of talk around Ireland needing a soft transition post unity, a quick and easy transfer to a new 32 county state that resembles the old establishment as closely as possible.

As an Irish Unity advocate, like many other Irish Republicans we see this as a threat. Any new Ireland needs to be politically and democratically distanced from this old rotten state, a state that allowed state sponsored terrorism to maintain a status quo and protect British Imperialists interests in Ireland with its neighbouring establishment happy to turn a blind eye and facilitate them through their silence.

The tentacles of British Imperialism has already seen the future, they are stretching and deep rooting their influence further into Irish politics and society, while also positioning themselves to have a controlling influence in the Irish Unity campaign.

We must be ready and willing to expose and uproot this, as failure to do so will lead us to total objective failure. Do we really want our kids and grandkids growing up in a country where the dark forces of British Intelligence, who are willing to turn the conflict tap on and off, willing to murder and create civil war at the behest of a foreign government to still have control?


Joe Matthews, Yes For Unity

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