Brexit or no Brexit – Partion has failed

Brexit or no Brexit – Partion has failed

Brexit or no Brexit; Partion has failed

A common false narrative has arisen that the aspiration of a United Ireland is a direct result of Brexit.

While we cannot deny that the 2016 Brexit referendum and subsequent political and economic chaos has undoubtedly increased momentum towards Irish Unity, the political aspiration of a United Ireland far predates Brexit and in socio-economic terms it has relatively little to no bearing on it.

We cannot fall into the trap of basing Irish Unity on re-entry into the EU, in fact in order to fully live up to the New Ireland agenda, the question around EU membership must be part of the Irish Unity conversation.

A United Ireland must be founded upon solid socio-economic principles that benefit the working class people (the majority) of Ireland.

The pre-Brexit Ireland is certainly not a great example of what we want that Ireland to look like. Pre-Brexit Ireland still had a homeless crisis, housing crisis, economic crisis, emigration crisis and healthcare crisis.

The fact of the matter is, the bulk of these crisis lie within the fault lines created by partition and the reality that the Irish Nation cannot decide its own political, socio-economic direction without foreign interference or the utilising full National infrastructure resources and more importantly demographics.

It is important for all campaigning for Irish Unity to look back at and understand the very roots of Irish Nationalism and Republicanism that predates 1798, to understand that the very essence of the campaign is based on the principle of National Sovereignty and self determination; politically, socially and economically. This is a solid and well defined principle that we cant allow to be ignored.

Saoirse Delaney – Yes For Unity

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