Unionist Campaign against Irish Unity- The Old Order Fighting via the Old Methods

Unionist Campaign against Irish Unity- The Old Order Fighting via the Old Methods

The constitutional future of Ireland is now the hot topic within both local and National politics. The Irish Unity debate is growing by day and with it, the inevitable expansion of the wider Irish Unity campaign.

Recent events have shown that political Unionism is in a serious state of decline and crisis. Its chaotic and misguided leadership is driving the ideology into an apocalyptic political scenario. But it cant go without saying that Unionism still has a sting in its tail.

Last month, Yes For Unity National Organiser Joe Matthews was stopped and approached by PSNI Special Branch at a local airport, making specific mention to the new Yes For Unity website that was recently launched, a story covered on a national newspaper.

YesForUnity National Organiser Joe Matthews approach covered on the ‘The Irish News’

In the last number of weeks there has also been an increased number of threats of violence coming from sections of Loyalism both directly and indirectly connected to armed loyalist organisations in response to what they call an ‘’Economic United Ireland’’, undoubtedly threats choreographed by the DUP.

And in the last number of days it has came to light that Unionism has attempted to undermine high profile Irish Unity activist and QUB lecturer Colin Harvey by threatening his job security at the University.


Colin Harvey speaking at an Irish Unity event during the week

It is becoming apparent that big house Unionism, aware that it cannnot politically defeat the Irish Unity campaign via rational & public debate has retreated back to the same old methods of the old Orange State in an attempt to intimidate and thwart the momentum.

Irish Unity is a peaceful, legitimate and sincere political objective. We cant and wont allow ourselves to be bullied, threatened, criminalised or undermined by the enemies of democracy whether its via their friends in British state agencies. Loyalist organisations or public bodies.

We welcome and encourage engagement, debate and discussion on the constitutional and democratic future of this nation with the Protestant, Unionist and Loyalist (PUL) community but such work can be futile when overshadowed by elements of the old order, fighting via the old methods to prevent our positive future from happening.

The Irish Unity community is inclusive of all nationalities, creeds and sexual persuasions, the Ireland that our activists envisage is one of peace, accountability, fairness and equality.

The Irish Unity campaign with its potential for all Ireland political, economic and social equality is undoubtedly the final chapter of the Irish Civil rights movement that will eventually result in the final and permanent destruction of the crumbling remains of the Orange State.   

And with it the old methods of totalitarian control of the old Unionist elite consigned to the history books, while providing political-socio & cultural emancipation to the Protestant Working Class,  to belong in a nation where they are cherished as equals and not as mere pawns.

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