With or Without a Border Poll, We Want Irish Unity.

With or Without a Border Poll, We Want Irish Unity.

During the week, the British Secretary of State, who has overarching control over the Border Poll mechanism as per the Good Friday Agreement shot the idea down by claiming the threshold to trigger the poll has not been met.

This comes as no suprise to the Irish Unity community; we wont and dont expect the British Government to simply give in to the initial growing demand and momentum. Since when has the British government ever adhered to the basic principles of democracy in Ireland.

For many the Border Poll is the only conceivable mechanism in achieving Irish Unity, but we also must start thinking realistically of other alternatives, especially considering the historic and current undemocratic nature of Britian in Ireland, but also what could be a continuing Tory fortified Westminster who will do everything in their power to maintain the Union.

Changing demographics, the failures of big house Unionism and brexit have all combined to make the Border Poll mechanism viable at this time, but we throw caution to the wind; we shouldnt be throwing all our eggs into one basket.

The potential of Sinn Féin gaining power in the South certainly throws a completely different dynamic to the campaign. They could in theory have the power to challenge the British Government via the International Court of Justice, but doing so could have consequences that would ultimately sacrafice the Good Friday Agreement.

Other alternatives for us is to go down the Catalunya model by holding our own Border Poll or all Ireland referendum, but such acts are unweighted without International support and/or recognition.

The point I am making is; how far are we willing to go to achieve our objective if our merited demands for a Border Poll are continuously denied without proper reason?

Last year when Yes For Unity put forward our case for supporting a Border Poll, we made our support clear but also stated that all possibilities outside the Poll are still on the table. Essentially it is Irish Unity with our without a Border Poll.

Yes For Unity Case for a Border Poll 2018

While some may question this, what I am sure we can all agree on is that while the Border Poll mechanism is the only realistic and favoured option at this time, everyone has a duty in ensuring that the campaign for Irish Unity continues to remain peaceful, respectful and inclusive.


Joe Matthews, Yes For Unity Vice National Organiser

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