A Border Poll Is The Only Achievable Mechanism

A Border Poll Is The Only Achievable Mechanism

Armed Republicanism

This week has seen the other side of the Republican ideology making the headlines. I dont want to get into it, this platform is not the place for such conversations.

Irish Republicanism is undoubtably fractured by those that see their own strategy and tactics as best, but one thing we all have in common is our objective of a United Ireland.

The partition of Ireland was and is illegal. It is a physical barrier erected by a foreign power using threat of violence to appease a minority. This above all else leaves the largest and darkest legacy on this island. The legacy of partition is the sole catalyst for armed conflict.

It is extremely difficult under these circumstances to fully win over the Republican population to take the leap of faith, and why should they? Democracy has been denied to us before, why should we trust it now?

What do we owe the state to follow their rules and follow their legislation to achieve our objective when we have been let down in the past?

As an Irish Republican Socialist first and foremost I sympathise and understand these points. It took me a year to fully comprehend  the benefits of supporting a Border Poll when I once staunchly and publicly opposed it for these very same reasons.

This time is different. For the first time in a century the Republican population have a genuine opportunity to achieve our objective. And for the first time in our history we have the chance to achieve this through exclusive peaceful and political means.

Republicans get constantly criticised for being transfixed on conflict, in the past we have had no other alternative but to engage in war.

It is easy for those criticising to sit in their ivory towers while ignoring the fact Ireland’s political problems are due to a legacy of violence and threats of violence. British objectives in Ireland have only ever been achieved through conflict.

If those who sit in their ivory towers and attempt to take the moral high ground truely want peace, then they cannot ignore the calls for a Border Poll. We are here with a peaceful proposition, we are here with a democratic solution.

The war is over, there is no appetite for armed actions in Ireland. And as shown in last weeks events, the enemy; the British establishment are as strong as ever at their game of division & conflict; so why do some keep playing it knowing it will end in defeat.

The Border Poll

The Border Poll campaign is much more than simply campaigning for a Yes/No vote. It is an opportunity to build a radical & organised working class political power house.

It will give us an opportunity to empower our communities with laser determined focus on the objective; to create an Ireland that meets the needs of the majority and hold any future government to full account on those needs.

An organised and empowered working class can never be infiltrated and it can never be defeated.

This is a leap of faith, this is a new path that we have to follow. If we dont follow this path soon, there will be no door for us at the end to open and the opportunity to create an Ireland that meets the needs of the majority will be lost forever.

Joe Matthews, Yes For Unity



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