Unionist Arrogance Will Prove Costly

Unionist Arrogance Will Prove Costly

This week, DUP leader Arlene Foster claimed that there wont be a Border Poll or Irish Unity in her lifetime despite another poll from Lucid Talk that claims the opposite. 

While the latest poll indicates a 1.4% slight margin of support in favour of remaining in the ‘United Kingdom’, it more decisively puts those in the ‘Don’t Knows’ at 7.8%.

Poll carried out by Lucid talk

If this latest poll from Lucid proves accurate (of which they have a proven track record) then it means in the most simplest terms, that the side of the debate that wins the argument and puts forward the best persuasive proposals by winning over the ‘don’t knows’ will be successful in any future poll or referendum.

Over the past 2 years, the Irish Unity community have hit the ground running; uniting, organising and campaigning nationwide. 

Putting forward proposals that are not designed to simply win votes, but to also ensure any new and United Ireland protects the ordinary people both socially, economically & environmentally, while providing absolute inclusiveness for all its citizens.

To the contrary, Big House Unionism seems to have retreated further into a dark cave of arrogance, denial and elitism from a bygone era.

What is Unionism afraid of?  Do they think their argument is so fundamentally weak, they are afraid to even debate it openly? Are they content to keep hiding behind baseless & negative slogans?

Do they really think that the British Tory party who have a past and present history of using and abusing Ulster Unionism, will continue to deny a Border Poll at unionisms request, while comically believing Boris is going to build them an umbilical cord bridge?

Unionism needs to come out and put forward their argument for maintaining the Union in a positive and constructive manner, mirroring that of the Irish Unity community. 

We welcome working class unionist engagement, debate and conversation with regards to our constitutional future. As when this all draws to a close and our future is decided, we cant afford to have winners or losers. Ireland must socio-economically meet the needs of all the people, and we must all be able to call this place home.


Joe Matthews- Yes For Unity, Vice National Organiser

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