March For Irish Unity- A Turning Point

March For Irish Unity- A Turning Point

On the 24th November, the Irish Unity community will be coming together in Lifford/Strabane for the first time in a non-party political, anti-sectarian mobilisation for Irish Unity, a turning point for the entire Irish Unity campaign.

Over the past 3 years, ‘Yes For Unity’, the socialist broad front campaign for Irish Unity have travelled across Europe, from Catalunya to Scotland to learn from the experiences of our international comrades. In each of these trips, the importance of street mobilisations became very apparent.

Learning from these lessons, this mobilisation and indeed all future Irish Unity marches will ensure the involvement of not just the Republican & Nationalist political camps, but the social & cultural community in Ireland.

Just like partition, Irish Unity will affect us all. The campaign will be won in the homes, the streets, doors & polling stations of working class areas. These mobilisations will inject a sense of ownership, a power of change and clear political direction to the grassroots, a momentum that when fully harnessed, cannot be stopped and will be of vital importance when heading into the post partition era to ensure that working class needs are met.  

Such mobilisations ensure that the debate and campaign is not just silently fought in the elected chambers by the political elite, but maintains true democratic power within our communities with regards to our constitutional and socio-economic futures.

The March for Unity is an open invitation to all that want to end the democratic deficit, to end political/sectarian division and end partition. This march will  be the first of many, the debate around Irish Unity is growing, and we need the feet on the street to match this growth & demand.

Be part of it and seize the moment, for all our futures.

Joe Matthews


Vice National Organiser

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