Brexit Agreement Must Contain a Border Poll

Brexit Agreement Must Contain a Border Poll

With the Brexit deadline looming and both sides still locked in what appears to be an ever strengthening stalemate, what both sides (EU, Irish Government & British Government) have in common is their claims that they represent the best interests of the people of Ireland. 

Every recent credible study and poll has indicated that there is now a substantial portion of the population in favour of Irish Unity, a portion that should in theory start to trigger the mechanisms contained in schedule 1 of the Good Friday Agreement. 

With both parties laying claim to representing the interests of the Irish people, then neither side can ignore the Irish Unity community, and must ensure a Border Poll is guaranteed within a specific time frame in any post Brexit agreement. 

The best interests of the Irish people is only served in the ending of partition and Irish Unity.


Joe Matthews, YesForUnity Vice National Organiser

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