Micheál Martin: More Division is not the answer to Division

Micheál Martin: More Division is not the answer to Division

The recent comments by the new Taoiseach Micheál Martin where he branded the prospect of an Irish Unity referendum as “Divisive” does not come as a shock considering his past statements on the subject.

Partition in itself is the biggest form of division in this country. A physical, social, economic and political barrier that cuts through this nation, all of which potentially on course to be strengthened due to Brexit.

Mr Martin is hiding behind the “Good Friday Agreement” as a way of opposing a border poll, claiming simply that such a referendum would not serve in its interest.

You don’t have to look far when in Working Class districts of Belfast to understand that division is not the answer to division. The Good Friday Agreement, while it has bought in an era of relative peace, it has not ended division, in fact quite the opposite. There are more so called “Peace Walls” in the North of Ireland than there were pre 1998.

Is this what Micheál Martin wants? A managed and expensive relative peace and divide maintained by barriers both physically and mentally? Generation after generation being refused the right to a prosperous future?

You cannot be an Irish leader, with the best interests of all the people in your thoughts and actions without understanding that partition is the biggest divisive elephant in the room in this country.

The Irish Unity community are pushing for the people of Ireland to have the right to democratically express our will and future for this nation. A future that expels division and barriers to the dustbin of history, in order that we can plan a future that delivers true economic/social equality and political accountability for all.

Joe Matthews


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